This site shares the materials ideas and resources created through a research project funded by the National College for Teaching and Leadership, facilitated through the National Forest Teaching School based at John Taylor High School. The project took place between March and October 2014. This website was updated at the end of October 2014.

We very much hope that these materials will be of value to you as you continue to develop your history and geography curricula in your schools.  We have found inspiration in the work of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust’s work. In their Final Report, Professor Robin Alexander states ‘ It is inevitable that some aspects of primary education will receive more time than others. What is neither inevitable nor educationally defensible is that priority should be negatively tied to quality. The point is so important, yet so open to misunderstanding, that it is italicised; a truly ‘whole’ curriculum is one where the quality and seriousness of the teaching are consistently high across all its aspects, regardless of how much time is allocated to them. Breadth and balance are about the quality of provision no less than the allocation of time.’ (Alexander 2010: 243)  This is a view that we have foregrounded in our work and very much hope that the ideas and links that we provide here help you to realise your own school’s ambitions for high quality history and geography. It is but a small contribution to the more general ambition that history and geography should have a positive and empowering impact on the lives of primary aged children. Please follow the links below to find out more about our work, and to download materials and resources.

The Project Team and the Project’s Aims.

Concept Led Curriculum Making

Resources to support the development of your History Curriculum

Resources to support the development of your Geography Curriculum

Ideas to support your visit to the National Memorial Arboretum


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