The Project’s Aims

Our project was based on three key aims:

  • To develop primary teachers’ own subject knowledge in history and geography
  • To increase familiarity with the requirements of the 2014 history and geography framework
  • To identify areas of subject expertise that primary practitioners would value further exemplification of and materials for.

Through our work we were ambitious to:

  • empower teachers to recognise the distinctive nature of the disciplines of history and geography in the national curriculum.
  • promote links with other schools and to explore the potential of a local curriculum alongside a national curriculum
  • develop curriculum design capabilities based on rigour, evidence and principle.
  • enable a high quality broad and balanced education that pursues a view of knowledge that empowers learners to develop informed understanding.
  • promote the ideas of curriculum making and a concept led curriculum within primary history and geography.

In addition to the face to face conferences and teachers’ meetings, this blog is the key outcome and dissemination tool for the project. Please use the ‘reply’ box to feedback any thoughts, views or materials. Thank you.

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